Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Apologies to NYC Snob

Okay, I have held off on doing the Bike Snob thing because, well it's the Bike Snob thing and he has turned it into an art form. You will notice that I am more interested in the rider than the bike. But I was cruising Craigslist (something I have never done before and probably never will again) and I came across this.

This was my first fixie I did. I meticulously cleaned the frame, then build it up using just the right amount of lube and grease. The frame is a 58cm Raleigh Super Course known for it's beautiful construction and lug work. Everything you see on this bike is new. I have ALL the recipts and packaging for all the components.

Hmmm. He put together this fixie and the best thing he can tell you about his mechanical abilities is he knows how to use lubricants.

Here is my list of what I spent:
Nitto stem - $50,
SS Mavic wheelset - $180,
Rivendell Speed blend tires - $48,
Tubes - $8,
Sugino Bottom bracket - $40,
Sugino crankset - $80,
Brooks saddle - $70,
MKS pedals - $36,
Surley track cog - $27,
Tange Head set - $25,
Bars - $25
frame ebay - $126,
Chain $13,
Seat post - $25
Total $753 + tax,
I will sell for $600.

Wow! He even kept the receipts and he wants to sell the bike for less than he paid and with all the oil and grease he used.

I have ridden this bike 2 or 3 times and it is a head turner. This bike has less than 10 miles on it! The only reason I'm selling is because the Visa bill is due!!! I will also throw in a pair of center pull brakes if you want. I'm located in Alameda, Bay farm island.

But now he needs to sell it because he can't afford to pay for all the parts he just bought! Apparently the sole reason this guy built this bike was to get a date. I'm sure of it. He put the bike together, well lubricated like he said, and then road around on it for 10 miles, probably dripping oil all over the road, riding from coffe house to coffee house, until some honey was impressed enough with the bike to go out with him. Now he has pay off enough of his VISA so he's under his limit enough to pay for a dinner for two and maybe a movie. Good Luck my friend. But what are you going to do when she asks to see the bike again? You know, the only reason she went out with you in the first place. Dude, what were you thinking? I wouldn't be selling those center pull brakes anytime soon. I'm sure as soon as she realizes what a loser she went out with, your love life will stop so fast your going to need those brakes to slow down your quick and pending fall into depression. But don't give up. You can always do it all over again. And this time see if the bank will up your limit so you can keep the bike for more than a week this time.

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