Monday, August 27, 2007

SS Disc hub weights..

When it comes to disc hubs, you pay your money and you take your choice. Keith Bontrager is renowned for his statement, "Cheap, light, strong; pick two". So I took some time to look up some of the most popular hubs, their weights and prices.

Okay; the word on disc SS hubs..

Cassette style discAmerican Classic* 244gm $270
Bontrager 433gm $ 80
DT Swiss 285gm $400
King 335gm $400
Novatec et al 640gm $ 80

Freewheel (add $75 and 157gm for WB ENO)
Paul 220/377gm $115/$190
ENO 332/489gm $150/$225Surly 362/519gm $ 80/$155
Phil Wood** 392/549gm $235/$310

The ringersShimano
XT M765 435gm $ 50
Shimano XTRM965 372gm $230

*questionable longevity
**probably the finest hub of it's kind made

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