Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cheers to the Opinionated Cyclist

Well now don't I feel bad. My days with the OC are long over and I haven't been paying much attention. In my Opininated Cyclist Journals I was not always complimentary to him but I did admire his creativity, courage and tenacity. Well just when I figured he really didn't give a rat's ass for anything I did to try and help him, he put out this video Tribute to Onespeedbiker*and he really had nothing but nice things about me. I don't know if I could have done what you did. To ignore what I wrote and sing my praises. OC you really showed some of the southern class I heard about. I guess I need to heed my own words, "Keep your words soft and sweet, for you may have to eat them someday". He also made a production video out of a package I sent him, I'm Special....ized!!! *. BTW, he also said I do not post enough, so I'll be posting two bikes within the next week.

PS, OC shut down that porn site; it doesn't reflect well on you .

*Links to OC Vidoes may not work as he is constantly removing and/or re-posting them on YouTube.

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Calvary Chapel Sacramento said...

Even though I am a "geared bike" kinda guy, I like your style, one speed. It warms my heart to see you ministering to OC. Too bad things didn't work out. Maybe OC will wake up and see the light someday.

I really do like the simple beauty of singlespeed's, but unless you turn a wrench, the cost benefit pales in comparison with the geared bikes. For example - $800 for a Langster? The components aren't even that good. I am looking at buying a Surly Steamroller as a Winter commute bike - provided I can save the Christmas money. Gotta wonder, however how I can explain to my (wonderful) wife why I really need a third bicycle.
Keep riding...