Thursday, March 27, 2008


Solvang is always been the big ride I look forward to every year. The last three years have been tough. 2 years ago I was ailing. I made the ride with thunder, lightening and hail. Last year I had 5 broken ribs and it was the first time I missed the ride in over 15 years. This year life got in the way again and I only rode the 50. OTOH, I have been riding a single speed/ fixed gear for the last 7 years and was competing in mountain bike rides in including the Police Olympics and the Sea Otter, during the same period; the Police Olympics resulted in a 2 Bronze and a Silver medal. Anyway I thought I'd share some Solvang photos from 5 years ago (if you click on the photos they get bigger). Most of the pictures are of Foxen and Ballard Canyons, which are the last 40 miles of the ride. First here's the climbing graph from the ride web site.

The first picture however is on the route from Lompoc to Santa Maria.

Below is the SAG stop @ Santa Maria; 60 miles into the ride.

Now we start Foxen Canyon. The route starts off flat and slowly starts to climb.

Foxen Canyon just prior to the 70 mile SAG.

The Foxen Canyon SAG.

Foxen Canyon; time to start climbing.

Foxen Canyon and one of the windmills

Foxen Canyon; one of the climbs takes it's toll

Foxen Canyon after the last big climb.

Ballard Canyon looking back after the switchbacks.

Ballard Canyon looking down the other side.

Solvang, the finish line.

But my favorite by far was 5 years ago when my wife and I rode the Solvang Century on our tandem. I'm hoping that will happen again soon.

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